Tooth chips and cavities are some of the most common reasons to visit a dentist in Burbank, CA. Although the severity of individual cases may vary considerably with some patients experiencing some sensitivity to hot or cold foods or extreme pain, others may only suffer the aesthetic of their smile with some mild discomfort every time the tongue brushes across the chipped surface.

Dental Fillings Near Me, Burbank CA

For mild cases, Michael Shirvani, DDS may recommend that you get dental fillings to correct the problem. This is a fairly simple procedure that can be performed in a single appointment, unlike dental crowns or root canal therapy, which are used to treat severe tooth damage or infections.

Generally, dental fillings are ideal for treating:

  • Cavities
  • Severely worn teeth or eroded enamel surfaces due to grinding, nail biting, etc.
  • Visible chips and cracks, including those on old fillings
  • Visible holes or dark stains on the teeth
  • Toothache for two or more days
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot food items

What to Expect

If you’re a good candidate for dental fillings, Dr. Shirvani will discuss the types of fillings for cavities that can be used, including silver amalgam and tooth-colored composite resin. Composite fillings are the most common, because they’re strong, and their color can be matched to the shade of your teeth.

Next, the tooth will be numbed to prevent any pain when preparing the tooth for filling placement. Site preparation may include removing decay or an old or damaged filling, and then thoroughly cleaning the area. A special medication may be applied to protect the tooth if the decay was close to the tooth nerve.

Composite resin that closely matches your teeth color is selected and precisely placed, molded, and polished, helping to restore your decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape, size, and appearance.

The repair should last about 10 years with proper dental hygiene and habits, such as avoiding nail biting or wearing a night guard to manage grinding.

Visit our office for dental cavities treatment

Cavities and tooth chips affect people of all ages, and may not always cause obvious symptoms like pain or sensitivity until there’s more damage. Dental fillings can be used to treat such problems in their early stages, helping to prevent the pain, inconvenience, and cost of advanced treatment at later stages.

Please visit Dr. Shirvani for your routine dental checkup and diagnosis for cavities to determine if you’re a good candidate for fillings.